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How do you know if you need to hire a marketing firm

How do you know if you need to hire a marketing firm?

As a law firm owner, you may find yourself asking “What is my business missing?” For many firms, that missing piece is an effective, comprehensive marketing strategy. Some law firm owners implement some marketing strategies, but it can be difficult – or even impossible – to manage branding and design, website development, law firm advertising, SEO analysis and reporting, content creation and management, and social media marketing all on your own while also maintaining your own legal practice. Law firm partners have enough to worry about. Just say the command and MeanPug will take it from there.

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What can a marketing agency
do for law firm owners?

Marketing a law firm may seem straightforward at first glance, but building out each campaign and strategy to its fullest potential may require more time and effort than a law firm owner has to give. Whether you’re currently handling your marketing internally or outsourcing to an agency, MeanPug is here to take your law firm marketing to the next level.

Few agencies can do what we do. One vendor may be able to build you a website while another may be able to assist with content production, but we believe that the most successful strategies require a full funnel approach. Teams working in isolation will never be able to see the big picture the way an integrated marketing agency can. Our pack takes great pride in finding creative and effective law firm marketing strategies that other agencies just can’t replicate.

Building a Brand for Law Firm Owners

We typically start projects with law firm branding services. This includes creating a brand bible that you can take with you into the future as your firm grows. Your brand bible will come with a list of brand identifiers and differentiators, complete mission and promise statements, tone and voice guidelines, unique slogans and taglines, expertly-designed logos and color palettes, and other notes about the kind of personality and presence you want your law firm to have. These pieces are built from scratch and come together to form your firm’s brand identity, which will inform all your marketing efforts. This is how our pack achieves consistent messaging across all channels.

Law Firm Website Design and Development

Next up is website design and development. Once you choose a logo and color palette for your law firm, our pugs can get to work on building the perfect website to represent your brand. MeanPug consistently delivers award-winning web designs to help law firms stand apart from their competitors. In an industry driven by first impressions and the utility of your services, our team employs a winning combination of eye catching, dynamic designs and functional, responsive UX and UI. Our developers and designers will create a law firm website with your clientele in mind, always prioritizing the user experience and meeting the reader’s needs first and foremost.

Legal Content Development & SEO Initiatives

Once your website development is underway, our team can begin working on your content. We thoroughly review any old content you may have on your current site and make edits to optimize it for the latest SEO standards. If you don’t have any old content, don’t sweat it! In either case, MeanPug can take the lead in content production so your site launches with the necessary copy and has a steady flow of new web pages and blogs post-launch. We employ data-backed SEO strategies on every piece of content, ensuring that the right keywords are targeted to capture as many relevant search inquiries as possible. With the right CTAs and strategic messaging, we help turn prospective clients into signed cases.

Law Firm Advertising and Social Media Management

We can even handle your advertising and social media marketing! Our advertising team uses a strategic combination of digital and traditional ads to promote your law firm. Furthermore, our social media marketers can help manage your law firm’s social media presence, including posting about your firm’s latest news and achievements, sharing newly published content, posting video reels and eye-catching graphics, and engaging with comments from followers. With MeanPug Digital, every marketing channel is an opportunity for capitalization.

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    Is having a marketing firm worth it

    Is having a marketing firm

    worth it?

    Like running any business, a lot goes into marketing a law firm. There are many moving parts, and the strategies that worked yesterday aren’t necessarily the same ones that will work tomorrow. As your firm grows and evolves, so should your marketing strategy. However, it can be difficult to scale up in both your professional practice and law firm marketing efforts when you have cases to litigate, court appearances to attend, and clients to represent.

    MeanPug can help ensure your marketing efforts match the size and capabilities of your law firm, so you can rest assured that no part of your business gets left behind while you focus on what you’re best at – being a lawyer.

    Our pugs bring value to your law firm by:

    • Building trust between you and your target audience
    • Increasing brand awareness and authority
    • Boosting prospect and client engagement
    • Increasing case acquisition

    We also understand that different marketing initiatives may be more or less effective for certain case types. For example, the strategies that prove to be successful for a personal injury law firm may not work for a business and transactional law firm. Our diverse portfolio of clients are representative of our ability to deliver value across these many widely divergent practice areas.


    Be as involved as you want

    Something we’ve learned in our journey as a full-service legal marketing firm is that every law firm owner seeks a different level of involvement. Whether you want to completely forget about the hassle of marketing your law firm or enjoy informed oversight on what we’re working on for your firm, MeanPug can meet you there. We’ll keep your inbox buzzing, or provide only necessary updates if you prefer. We understand that many executive lawyers have more important things to do with their time. That’s the benefit of working with our pugs – we can take on whatever you don’t want to.

    Partner with MeanPug – A Law Firm Owner’s Best Friend

    Partner with MeanPug – A Law Firm Owner’s Best Friend

    There are many ways to make marketing work for you, but you may be hard pressed to discover and implement those strategies when you have cases to win and a law firm to run. Let the team at MeanPug Digital sniff out opportunities in your law firm marketing efforts and execute on untapped potential in your market. Bark at us today to learn more about what MeanPug can do for law firm owners like you.

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