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The Fried Firm is a full-service boutique law firm that provides cost-effective legal advice to individuals and businesses in the creative world. Like the attorneys themselves, The Fried Firm’s clients are creative people engaged in the field of music, arts, entertainment, fashion, and similar other fields.


With a base in New York and plans for expansion to California and beyond, The Fried Firm sought to enhance their brand presence and attract more clients in the corporate space. They enlisted the MeanPug pack to craft a new brand and website that captures their organization’s essence, legal expertise, and creative spirit.


The firm had an existing website–but the attorneys felt it no longer adequately represented their identity. They wanted a fresh visual identity that was both bold and minimalist, yet playful and relatable, and would enable them to deepen relationships with existing clients, while also attracting new clients looking for top-notch legal services. The Fried Firm sought a complete rebranding from scratch, including a new brand identity and a revamped website with a minimalist design. Additionally, they aimed to create a strong online presence through an effective SEO strategy and engaging social media activities.

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To address The Fried Firm’s challenges, we developed a comprehensive strategy that focused on creating a distinctive brand identity and an engaging online presence. Our approach included extensive collaboration and feedback rounds to ensure the brand accurately reflected the firm’s values and goals. We took the following steps in rebranding, website design and development, and content marketing & SEO strategy:

  • Developed a comprehensive brand bible to outline a cohesive brand identity with a new mission statement, brand promise, catchy slogans, color palette, brand fonts, logo, and design elements, enhancing overall brand consistency and recognition.
  • Conducted multiple feedback rounds to achieve a refined brand identity perfectly aligned with the client’s vision, leading to higher client satisfaction and brand resonance.
  • Designed and launched a new website with a clean, minimalist aesthetic that is both playful and relatable, elevating visual appeal and user engagement.
  • Executed a seamless content transfer from the old website to the new one to ensure continuity and minimization of downtime, leading to a smooth transition and improved user experience.

Our commitment to The Fried Firm doesn’t stop at the launch. We are continuing to build and optimize The Fried Firm’s web pages and content to increase organic traffic through search engines. At the same time, we also provide full SEO services, including onsite technical work, backlink building, and reputation management. Once the foundation is laid, we will develop their social media platforms and implement a strong strategy to ensure all efforts work in concert.

Services Provided

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    Branding is about more than style. Your brand is your values, mission, history, visual form, and - most importantly - first impression for new potential clients. Every law firm is a singular brand. The team at MeanPug Digital is here to help you express that uniqueness to the world.

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    SEO for law firms is essential if you want to catapult your business to the next level! At MeanPug, we thrive on real-world results for our clients and always allow data to dictate our strategy.

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    Website Design and Development

    You dream it, we build it. We've designed and developed award-winning websites for our law firm clients that look amazing, perform seamlessly, and solidly scaffold all other digital initiatives.

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    Content Marketing

    At a fundamental level, content marketing is about creating the foundation for all other marketing and advertising efforts. Landing pages for PPC and keyword-heavy works for SEO both start with the content team. Without high quality legal content, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle in the auction and the rankings.

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