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How Does MeanPug Help New Law Firms Establish a Brand?

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These areas of expertise enable us to think outside the box and come up with unique ways to develop and showcase a new law firm brand.

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What Makes MeanPug Different?

Many of our team members have backgrounds in legal marketing, and some have even passed the bar exam and practiced law themselves. We know lawyers’ needs thanks to a decade of combined experience working as and for attorneys of all practice areas.

Our agency also offers full service capabilities, meaning we can be your one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. All aspects of a legal marketing strategy should come together under one cohesive brand identity that reflects your firm’s personality. This is often best achieved when you work with one agency for all your marketing needs versus outsourcing to multiple agencies. From brand building and website development to inbound call tracking and case acquisition, MeanPug does it all and can manage every aspect of your marketing strategy for you.

The Bite
to Our Bark

Case Study: Edwards Pottinger

Before MeanPug

9,300 Annual Organic Traffic
157 Ranking Keywords
$32 Organic Site Value

After MeanPug

16,908 Annual Organic Traffic
1,173 Ranking Keywords
$3,227 Organic Site Value
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