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How Does MeanPug Help Personal Injury Law Firms?

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If something’s not working, we take a breath and course-correct until execution exceeds your expectations. We’ll try anything once, but we learn from past experience and constantly iterate to find the strategies that move the needle on your firms’ bottom line.

See What Our Personal Injury Clients Say
  • Date

    February 2023

    Written by

    Robert C. Shea

    After just a couple calls with the MeanPug team I knew I was in the right place. They pitched out of the box ideas and strategies which were refreshing. They stayed in constant contact throughout the buildout and, just as important, stayed on track with timeline and budget. The quality of my site build exceeded expectations. I’m extremely happy with our partnership and would highly recommend Meapug.

    • Attorney Robert Shea
  • Date

    February 2023

    Written by

    Seth Lehrman

    Our MeanPug team created and maintain a great website for our law firm. Their team of professionals deliver remarkable content, effective execution of our marketing plan and provide clear monthly reporting.

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  • Date

    April 2022

    Written by

    Tara Nealon

    My firm has been working with Meanpug on a number of projects and they have been fantastic. We’ve used other companies in the past who did not take the time to understand what we are looking for, so we’ve been very happy with Meanpug. I have a very busy schedule and really appreciate how Meanpug has figured out ways to make my involvement in the projects as easy as possible. We’re very happy with everything they’ve created for us and can’t recommend them enough!
    • Tara Nealon Headshot
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  • Date

    February 2023

    Written by

    Steven R. Broadwater, Jr.

    Very responsive – top notch work

    • Steven Broadwater Headshot
    • Broadwater Law Group Screen Cascade
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Custom Marketing Solutions for Law Firms

The marketing strategy we build for you is always bespoke and tailored to achieve core KPIs. No one service can ensure the balanced approach to case acquisition required for scalable law firm growth. PPC and other direct response acquisition channels are excellent for short-term scalability but are highly volatile and not a sustainable path to long-term success. SEO and branding are vital tools in your toolbox for long-term success but they won’t push volume in the door for the first year, or even years! Much the same way stocks and bonds make a balanced investment portfolio, the success of your law firm marketing allocation needs to be viewed through the lens of multiple time horizons.

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Getting Started with MeanPug

When a potential client comes to you as a personal injury lawyer, they are usually in bad shape. They’ve been denied basic duty of care and have possibly gone through the worst day of their lives. Anxious about what will happen with their case, whether they will settle out of court or go to trial, and whether you’ve handled similar cases before, these people trust you to treat their case as a priority.

When personal injury lawyers come to us, the continued success of their firm becomes our top priority. Many times these firms come to us from another marketing agency with a bad taste in their mouth. Too much fluff, not enough cases. We may not be a breath mint, but the MeanPug difference might be just what the doctor ordered.

We’re not looking to put your firm in a neat little box, prescribe a dose of SEO, and call the job done. We get down in the trenches with our clients and fight alongside them. Marketing is about triage and balance. By standing side-to-side with our clients, we’re uniquely positioned to identify the low-hanging fruit and snatch it up before the competition swoops in.

Initial Audit

Every potential engagement with MeanPug begins with a free intensive marketing audit of your existing website, online and offline brand presence, operational infrastructure, and paid advertising execution. While we have handled similar cases before, we wipe the canvas clean and start from scratch with each client to understand their unique needs and goals. The center of every strategy is you and your firm. We’re just here to amplify what you’ve already built.

Scope of Work Formulation

Once we’ve jointly reviewed the results of the audit, we work collaboratively with you to identify a plan that fits your goals and budget. These plans are highly flexible and fit most personal injury law firm marketing budgets—whether you’re a new law firm or an established brand. Now that the engine is fueled, the real fun begins! Our award-winning branding team, legal content and law firm SEO experts, and savvy digital and traditional media buyers join a kickoff call with your team for the deeper discovery required to build a truly differentiated personal injury law firm. The results of this discovery allow us to configure a myriad of tools and project management processes which has the result of coupling our internal success metrics with yours. We win when you win, and only when you win.

Time for Takeoff

After kickoff and discovery, every engagement is unique. If you’ve opted for branding and web design/development, the next step is a highly collaborative branding workflow where we work together to drill down into the essence of your firm, refining raw material till we have a diamond, then surfacing our efforts in the form of a beautiful website built to convert visitors to intakes.

If SEO and legal content is your next stop after kickoff, our content team will get typing to produce high-quality content infused with compelling brand messaging and regularly updated on your website so your visitors can access justice quickly and effectively. Our whole content team has significant experience in the legal industry and knows how to tailor PI content to draw in injured persons and/or their family members. Our SEO team ensures that you get the most value out of the content and relies on data to strategize innovative ways to keep your website content fresh and ranking high on Google. In tandem, the advertising team identifies high ROI media opportunities – such as Google LSAs – and structures campaigns to chase leads that are deep in the buyer funnel. Our teams work together to drive growth for your personal injury law firm. MeanPug is your small but mighty marketing team in a box.

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