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A long-established and respected full-service law firm based in Sierra Nevada, Porter Simon approached MeanPug for help expanding its personal injury practice. To create Porter Simon Sierra Injury Lawyers, their team needed a brand new website, with more content that would enable them to compete online. When they first engaged the MeanPug team, they had no real SEO strategy, and both physical and digital advertising methods weren’t being utilized to their full extent.

The MeanPug pack partnered with the firm to help drive growth, and looked to create a memorable brand identity for all their marketing channels — not just their site, but offline, too.

New Design


What we improved

MeanPug created Porter Simon Sierra Injury Lawyers’s website design, utilizing a combination of our our SEO expertise, cutting-edge UI/UX design, and creative flair. We crafted a design that not only captivates users with an aesthetic appeal and engaging content, but we also ensured an effortless navigation for users, keeping usability at the forefront of our efforts. Our pack utilized a creative approach which included the following:


Design & Development:

  • Enhancements included the integration of search functionality, a strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom of testimonials, a concise key takeaway block, and more, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Our mobile optimizations included the creation of a dedicated mobile call-to-click (CTC) button and resolving issues such as scrolling phone number overlaps, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for mobile users.
  • We extended our impact to social media platforms by developing captivating Canva designs, crafting engaging social media posts, designing unique Facebook icons, and creating professional LinkedIn banners, enhancing brand visibility and engagement across digital channels.


SEO & Content:

  • Our tailored content strategy emphasized their practice areas and featured insightful blogs, both on their website and in contributor articles, resulting in a remarkable 136.36% surge in form submissions.
  • Implementing EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) principles, we enhanced credibility by incorporating a “legally reviewed by” block and integrating attorney quotes, reinforcing the firm’s reputation and expertise.
  • Our comprehensive marketing efforts extended to traditional channels as well, where we conceptualized, crafted, and launched impactful billboard ads, business cards, and newspaper ads, ensuring a cohesive brand presence across offline platforms.
  • Through strategic SEO enhancements and content optimizations, we significantly improved their domain authority score, enhancing their search engine visibility and overall online authority.
  • We drove increase in local SEO as well, securing the 3rd position in local search & and 1st in organic, as shown below, driving a cumulative 42.7% clicks from all searches.

Services Provided

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    Branding is about more than style. Your brand is your values, mission, history, visual form, and - most importantly - first impression for new potential clients. Every law firm is a singular brand. The team at MeanPug Digital is here to help you express that uniqueness to the world.

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    SEO for law firms is essential if you want to catapult your business to the next level! At MeanPug, we thrive on real-world results for our clients and always allow data to dictate our strategy.

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    Content Marketing

    At a fundamental level, content marketing is about creating the foundation for all other marketing and advertising efforts. Landing pages for PPC and keyword-heavy works for SEO both start with the content team. Without high quality legal content, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle in the auction and the rankings.

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    Digital Advertising

    Sign more cases with digital advertising for lawyers. Digital ads come in many different shapes and sizes, the art is in finding the format(s) that profitably generate cases for your practice.

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    Website Design and Development

    You dream it, we build it. We've designed and developed award-winning websites for our law firm clients that look amazing, perform seamlessly, and solidly scaffold all other digital initiatives.

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