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Shulman & Hill is a personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm that has quickly doubled in size and expanded across five offices throughout the New York City metro area. Prior to working with MeanPug, they did not consider digital marketing a significant source of new leads. MeanPug set out to increase traffic to their website by improving their search visibility, launching PPC advertising, and designing a more user-friendly website. 

  1. Missing key practice area pages: The firm was missing numerous pages for injury-related case types
  2. No local SEO strategy: In addition to missing some important case types, their website also did not have local content for each New York City borough and relevant region
  3. No Spanish copy: The old website wasn’t targeted to a key demographic for the firm: Spanish speakers.

New Design


What we improved

MeanPug kicked off our relationship with Shulman & Hill with new brand guidelines that supported a new website build. In addition to presenting a more sharp and modern image for the law firm that better reflected their reputation and quality of service, the website was also designed with SEO and digital marketing best practices in mind.

Specifically, MeanPug did the following:

  1. Published a new brand bible, including a new logo: With new brand guidelines, imagery share on social media, digital advertising, the website, and more all present a cohesive lool
  2. Designed a user-friendly website: In addition to being mobile-responsive and faster, the site features an intuitive design and clear calls to action
  3. Built out a local content marketing strategy: This included publishing unique practice area pages for every borough and region the firm services
  4. Translated web content into Spanish: With a website that is now fully accessible in Spanish, Shulman & Hill is able to reach and help more potential clients
  5. Launched PPC advertising campaigns: Rather than just rely on referrals, the firm is now proactively reaching potential clients in the online spaces where they are

Services Provided

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    Branding is about more than style. Your brand is your values, mission, history, visual form, and - most importantly - first impression for new potential clients. Every law firm is a singular brand. The team at MeanPug Digital is here to help you express that uniqueness to the world.

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    Website Design and Development

    You dream it, we build it. We've designed and developed award-winning websites for our law firm clients that look amazing, perform seamlessly, and solidly scaffold all other digital initiatives.

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