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How Does MeanPug Help Mass Tort Law Firms?

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What Marketing Channel or Strategy Works Best for Mass Tort Cases?

While this will vary from case to case, the general rule of thumb is that mass tort cases are best suited for direct response advertising on platforms that are higher up in the consumer journey intent cycle. This is because there is little awareness and demand for the current service in the early stages of a mass tort (depending on the lifecycle of the tort).

This makes social media advertising the most effective direct response digital marketing channel and television the most effective traditional media channel.

Social Media Advertising for Mass Torts

Social media advertising has been the most effective channel for acquiring large numbers of cases over the last decade. There are several reasons for this, including the success of social media targeting in advertising, and social media campaigns are high in both awareness and intent advertising processes.

Paid Search for Mass Tort Firms

While you can retain high-quality mass tort cases from paid search advertising methods, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You won’t be able to acquire cases early in the lifecycle of the case because the search volume won’t exist yet. People aren’t searching for “drug name [lawsuit / law firm / lawyer]” terms when they don’t know that the cases exist.
  • You are bidding in a Dutch auction, so firms in leadership positions who will make the most money per case are most likely to win in these dynamics.
  • A smaller proportion of mass tort cases are signed up through search than through other mediums. This is because there is a limited number of plaintiffs impacted by the products, and they are typically retained earlier on in the awareness/demand generation strategies above.

Organic Search (SEO) for Mass Tort Law Firms

Organic search (SEO marketing) will have all the same aforementioned shortfalls as paid search with a few additional problems:

  • Competition
  • Peterson Law Firm (Drugwatch) and Miller and Zois have a strong foothold on a vast majority of mass tort terms. They will have nearly a decade head start on backlink acquisition
  • Incorrect site formats for informational queries
  • Time durations
  • Capital allocation is a smaller quantity over longer durations

While you should invest in making a great “flavor of the day lawsuit” page on your website, where you will likely pick up some cases from within your local market, it is unlikely that your firm is currently in a position to acquire a large volume of cases from organic search.

Do Billboards Work for Mass Torts?

Billboard advertising is primarily a tool used for long-term branded strategies and may not be suited for mass tort law firms.

The main reasons why billboards are rarely used for mass tort cases:

  • The yearly billing cycles rarely line up well with fast-moving changes to mass torts
  • Billboards are not a direct response channel and they are best used as part of an omni-channel marketing effort with TV and radio to generate branded demand
  • Billboards are best purchased in large numbers in small geographic proximity (this marketing strategy doesn’t align well with national mass torts cases)

Things to Keep in Mind & Common Pitfalls for Mass Tort Marketing & Advertising

Call center and intake efficiency and capacity will have an enormous impact on your cost per retained client.

Inbound and outbound have different processes and KPIs:

  • TV will drive inbound calls
  • Social ads will require outbound calls

Many cases see as much as 50% of their inventory get disengaged:

  • Medical records indicate that the potential client didn’t have the diagnosis they claimed
  • Firms can’t get in touch with clients/communication attrition
  • Clients sign with multiple firms
  • Case Fraud (ex. Referral firms bought cases from vendors that falsified records because they were getting paid per packet)
  • Capacity vendors are compensated on a per-packet basis, which is both unethical and ultimately leads to issues like the above
  • Case management and holding costs are ignored

Case timelines are often longer than firms anticipate (7-12 years)

  • Talc is over 12 years old at this point
  • J&J is filing for bankruptcy for the 4th time
  • If timelines extend (even by 1-2 years), this places extreme pressure on firms with leverage

What You Get When You Work With MeanPug:

Full-Service Marketing

We are not a single-service agency promising some quick silver bullet that will solve all your marketing problems and have retained clients flood your docket. Simply put — that doesn’t exist, and agencies that make these claims never last. Legal services is too competitive for a single-channel marketing campaign to be effective long-term.

An Experienced Team

You will get a team of specialists who are all the best in their respective crafts. You will have designers, videographers, software developers, legal content writers, editors, paid search managers, paid social marketing managers, PR specialists, media buyers, and project managers all on your team.

Exclusivity in Your Region

We don’t believe you can service two clients in the same region for the same case type. We go exclusive with all our clients.

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