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Unique Marketing Problems for Large Law Firms

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Marketing Strategy for Large Law Firms

As a full service agency, MeanPug can confidently develop and execute every part of your large law firm’s marketing strategy in-house. Our pugs have earned a reputation for thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing a law firm. We know what to look for and where to source data from to create the most informed strategies. But don’t just take our word for it – we will provide the hard data and in-depth competitive analysis we’re working off of so you can see for yourself what’s leading our proposed marketing strategies.

Put Your Marketing on Track

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    Public Relations for Large Law Firms

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    Media Outreach for Large Law Firms

    Placement in top-tier publications is a surefire way to build high quality backlinks, generate earned media impressions, and grow the prestige of your large law firm. MeanPug takes care of contacting publications and reporters for news stories about your firm’s accomplishments and milestones. Through our existing networks and relationships, we can also find opportunities to feature your attorneys in interviews and on podcasts to talk about all things law.

    Large Law Firm Press Releases

    Our team can write and edit press releases in-house and send them to you for final approval before distributing them over the wire. Not only can we create and publish the release, we even handle sending the press release to legal journalists and help coordinate interviews with attorneys to amplify press coverage. That means more time for your marketing coordinator to work on high priority tasks and more time for your leadership to focus on the cases that matter most.

    Don’t forget the socials! MeanPug can create social posts on your behalf to announce firm updates, link to associated press releases, and drive engagement with optimized images and hashtags.

    Event Planning and Coordination for Large Law Firms

    Planning an event for a large law firm can be a huge undertaking, from finding a venue to making sure guests are accommodated. Whether you want to host a networking event to foster attorney rapport or a town hall to connect with potential clients, taking the time to research venues, catering companies, and photographers in your area may be next to impossible with a large law firm to run – not to mention compiling guest lists, setting up events pages, and collecting RSVPs.

    MeanPug can find the perfect venue to host your event and the best food to feed your guests. We can even help find local photographers and videographers to capture posed photos and candid moments of attendees having a great time at your event. Let us organize your guest list and send out invitations with RSVP mechanisms in place to keep things simple and seamless.

    After the fun’s been had, we can whip up branded social posts to show off the event and its success to all your followers. We may even recommend creating content to go on your website to highlight your large law firm’s event.

    Large Law Firm Award Applications

    Our pugs are well-versed in submitting award applications on behalf of law firms for Legal Intelligencer, National Review, Law360, Chambers USA, and more. We can collaborate with your firm’s attorneys to compile the strongest award nominations that feature significant verdicts, settlements, and similar achievements that set them apart from their colleagues. If a lawyer at your large firm wins an award, we can assist with promoting that, too, through branded content, social posts, and paid ads with quick turn around.

    Referral Network Building


    As you’ve probably learned while growing your practice, networking and attorney referrals are necessary for growth. While your business was expanding into the large law firm that it is today, it may have gotten more and more difficult to manage your networking relationships. Because networking helps build your firm’s credibility and creates more business opportunities, it is vital to nurture those professional relationships. MeanPug can help you grow and manage your attorney referral network so you don’t miss out on any of the benefits of the relationships you’ve cultivated with other respected legal professionals.

    Pugs In A Row

    Branding and Web Development for Large Law Firms

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    Rebranding a Large Law Firm

    Our pugs are experienced brand developers and work closely with our clients to identify differentiators and other features we can highlight to make their firm stand out. Our team regularly builds new law firm brands from scratch, which includes creating brand pillars and design collateral that you can take with you into your firm’s future. From new firm names, to taglines, slogans, calls to action, mission statements, and more, we provide all the materials needed to give your large law firm the strong rebranding it deserves.

    Creating a New Sub-Brand as a Large Law Firm

    Are you a full service law firm or a large firm that is thinking of starting a new practice area? Sometimes adding an existing practice area or service type page on your law firm’s website for the launch of a new practice area or group isn’t enough. For example potential clients for business litigation and contract disputes are going to need to see completely different branding than those of personal injury, workers compensation or pharmaceutical mass torts.


    If you want to create a new sub-brand for your large practice, our team can help build a microsite from scratch that only features the services you want. This is a great way to target hyper-specific audiences and track user data for certain practice areas versus others. We can handle the microsite’s branding, design, content curation, development, SEO, ads, and more. If you’re not already taking advantage of certain marketing channels, we can also help your large law firm break into those with focused and well-researched SEO strategies.

    SEO for Large Law Firms

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    SEO Audits for Large Law Firms

    An audit of your large law firm’s website can tell us a lot about what your marketing and SEO efforts are missing. Our SEO strategists know what granular and big-picture data to collect in order to develop a custom, fine-tuned SEO strategy for your business.

    This preliminary report identifies and examines all facets of a law firm website’s SEO performance spanning on-page, off-page, local, and technical health. Once a comprehensive understanding of site performance is reached, we will offer recommendations for each area of SEO to improve overall site performance and boost marketing efforts over time. During this initial audit, the SEO professionals in our pack also examine and identify main competitors, taking note of successful content and backlink strategies that can be uniquely implemented on your site.

    As part of our local SEO strategy, we also perform in-depth GMB audits on all your existing locations. When performing the initial audit, our SEO team checks to see if your business is utilizing the proper categories, service areas, featured attributes, keywords, and more.

    Once our initial site audit is complete, our SEO team will compile a list of identified issues to be executed on, ranging from high to low priority, as well as specific strategy recommendations to improve all areas of SEO, from core web vitals to content. After identifying all areas of opportunity, we begin the optimization process and track our results using Local Falcon.

    After initial GMB optimization, we move into the maintenance phase, which consists of:

    • Regularly adding optimized images of key attorneys and updates
    • Sharing posts featuring important blog and site content
    • Building out GMB “products” which will feature all your firm’s practice areas and related case types with links back to corresponding pages on your site

    The ultimate goal of our GMB optimization efforts is to ensure that your firm pulls up on Google’s “local 3 pack” when users search for services that your large law firm provides.

    Oxana Pointing

    MeanPug SEO audits are performed in tandem with an in-depth website audit. Taken together, they paint a comprehensive picture of your brands’ current digital posture.

    Legal Content Specialists for Large Law Firms

    During our initial audit of your firm’s site, we review on-page SEO and perform competitor research to develop a high-level content strategy aimed at increasing meaningful organic traffic, outranking competitors, and improving conversions. For large law firms, MeanPug is able to provide data-backed content strategy across various practice areas, as well as track robust keyword lists and monitor all facets of site health.

    As part of our ongoing content strategy, we ensure that all existing and new content follows up-to-date SEO best practices while meeting users’ search intents, and appealing to Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Our law firm content marketing specialists will personally audit all of your existing website copy and refresh and optimize as necessary to ensure all the hard work you’ve put into building your content silos doesn’t go to waste. Part of what sets our content team apart is their experience working in legal verticals. The digital content specialists in our pack are extremely familiar with many areas of law, including personal injury, qui tam, employment, family, Social Security disability, veterans’ disability, and others. They know what to look for on a page and how to research the law in order to make legal jargon as digestible as possible for potential clients reading it on your website.

    Our content specialists will also incorporate any on-page SEO directives given to them by our SEO team, which can include:

    • in-depth outlines for new content
    • well-researched text updates for existing content
    • optimized internal and external links
    • revamped title tags and meta descriptions
    • custom, AI-generated imagery for new and existing content
    • and more

    Launch New Case Types as Your Firm Grows

    Broadwater Law Group Branding Kit

    Creative and Customizable Dev and Design for Large Law Firms

    Our pugs put their best paw forward when it comes to law firm web design and development. The designers and developers at MeanPug have worked for some of the largest law firms in the country. We know how to showcase a brand with creative and UX-friendly website layouts. Our teams collaborate to develop:

    • Unique brand design and color palette – our award-winning websites speak for themselves
    • Strategically placed eye-catching CTAs that encourage readers to contact your firm
    • Functional and engaging page structure featuring custom widgets that point readers to other prominent and relevant web pages on your site
    • One-of-a-kind imagery made with the latest AI technology

    We also have the ability to migrate large law firm websites with thousands of pages over to a new domain of your choosing. Whatever content you want moved over to your new site, MeanPug can optimize and transfer every page so you don’t lose anything that’s important to you.

    Applying Creative to Print Collateral

    The creative team at MeanPug is skilled in both digital and print media. We can deliver print collateral of any design we propose, from business cards and brochures, to full page ads. Our designers will collaborate with you to find the perfect fonts, structure, and imagery to use on any print collateral. You can rely on MeanPug to create visually compelling creative that doesn’t look like a typical, stuffy lawyer ad.

    PPC and Digital Advertising for Large Law Firms

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    Google AdWords and Bing for Large Law Firms

    Google has its own pay-per-click advertising network called Google AdWords where advertisers can pay to target users based on the keywords they search, their location, and their device type. AdWords allows us to make sure your large law firm’s ads make it to users who are interested in your services.

    Many legal ad agencies underestimate the advantages of advertising a law firm on channels like Bing, in addition to Google. Because Microsoft owns Bing, Windows users’ search queries are often directed to Bing as opposed to Google. As a result, Bing has over a billion unique monthly users.

    Furthermore, Microsoft ads for large law firms generally have higher click-through rates on Bing than on Google. Specifically, Bing has a click through rate (CTR) of 1.24% compared to Google’s 0.86% CTR. This could be a vital tool in generating cases for your firm in places where other firms aren’t advertising. MeanPug can help you cast a wider net than your competitors by advertising on search engines other than Google.

    Allocating the right amount of budget to paid search for large law firms takes skill as paid search works on a dutch auction bidding model. This inevitably leads to diminishing returns after allocating large amounts of capital in certain markets. This is a problem that only large law firms will encounter. Agencies managing these large budgets must measure the cost per case at all times and know when the opportunity cost of other advertising channels is a better use of capital. This exercise can only be done by law firms or agencies that are full service and understand the cost per case of all their marketing strategies to efficiently allocate budgets accordingly. Most agencies don’t have the ability as they specialize in only one marketing channel (ex. Just PPC, Just SEO, or Just TV).

    Retargeting for Large Law Firms

    Retargeting is a form of law firm advertising that specifically uses data from people who have already visited your website or social media profiles to retarget specific segments of your desired audience. For example, if a lot of users from a certain city are visiting your car accident lawyer page, there might be a road hazard in that location which makes car accidents more common. Retargeting would allow us to promote car accident lawyer ads to users in that location. This type of advertising is a great way to refocus some of your marketing budget into channels that will provide the best return on investment. Large law firms should lean heavily into retargeting and activating as many additional touch points as possible to reinforce their brand.

    Traditional Media Advertising for Large Law Firms

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    TV Advertising for Large Law Firms

    Many firms wonder whether TV commercials are worth the investment as digital ads continue to dominate markets. With over 4B spent on television advertising for law firms every year, you shouldn’t have to wonder if it’s a good investment. The truth is that advertising on TV can be very effective for large law firms. Even while TV audiences dwindle over time, the effectiveness of commercials persists.

    TV ads help connect your law firm to your community. When you engage them through sound, sight, and emotion, viewers feel a personal connection to your firm. Establishing a personal relationship with viewers is extremely valuable and makes your large law firm’s TV advertisements more memorable. Potential clients will think of your law firm when they need legal services. Creating a branded consumer journey is long term the best strategy to acquiring retained clients at rates that are lower than the market value of competitors.

    Repetition is the soul of memory. Commercials that are played repeatedly at high frequency will help viewers remember your firm as a trustworthy resource. Part of what makes TV advertising so effective for large law firms is that your brand is in front of your target audiences multiple times a day in many different places, including homes, hospital rooms, doctor’s offices, and retail spaces.

    Radio Advertising for Large Law Firms

    Radio ads provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality that few other advertising channels can offer. MeanPug enjoys the challenge of effectively conveying your firm’s personality through audio. Not only is radio a very cost effective form of advertising most of your clients are actively driving (personal injury attorneys look no further). We know how to make an impression on your listeners with creative and compelling radio ad scripts.

    Radio advertisements are a form of branded advertising and can be especially cost-effective for large law firms. Not only are they generally very inexpensive (depending on the station, time, and day your ads air on) and require little effort to create and execute, but it is also relatively easy to track and monitor the success of radio advertisements. MeanPug can help identify whether radio ads would be a good fit for your large firm.

    Billboard Advertising for Large Law Firms

    Billboards are an extremely inexpensive (when measured in terms of CPM) law firm marketing advertising channel that, when executed well, can have an instant, lasting impact on potential clients. Because viewers are driving past billboard ads, your messaging has to be short, deliberate, eye-catching, and memorable. While billboards are not direct-response ads, which law firms rely on for conversions, they have been proven to significantly increase brand awareness and favor among clients. Billboard ads should be used in tandem with other digital and traditional advertising channels for maximum value to your firm.

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