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Legal Marketing for Small and Midsize Law Firms

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Design and Development for Small and Midsize Law Firms

Our Dev and Design teams are always coming up with new ways to make your site stand out from the competition. From updating your website design to be more modern and UX-friendly, to creating new custom widgets that showcase your content in a unique and compelling way (ask us about Project Gramophone), MeanPug never stops looking for new ways for your website to drive more conversions, boost SEO, and outshine competitors in every way. Making your firm’s website more attractive is only one of many legal marketing services offered by MeanPug.

Advertising for Small and Midsize Law Firms

Just because bigger law firms spend a lot on ads doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in digital advertising for your small to mid-sized law firm. MeanPug’s paid search ads can give your firm the competitive advantage it needs to soar past your competitors on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Bigger law firms tend to dominate for head terms such as Personal Injury Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney, but we can help you take the lead on less common search terms with ad campaigns targeted at sub-case types, such as truck, motorcycle, and side-swipe accidents under personal injury.

We also offer different advertising packages, meaning your advertising efforts can scale with your law firm as it grows. We diligently monitor the success rate of each ad campaign that we launch and will advise you on which campaigns to cut and which ones to double down on based on their cost per signed client performance.

Advertising strategies that MeanPug could implement for small to medium-sized law firms include:

  • Paid search for informational based keywords – Large law firm call centers can’t handle complex intakes, but we can target search terms that are more informational based to establish your growing firm as a trusted resource for all things legal.
  • Social ads – Many big law firms don’t have the social media reach that they could, so our advertising department creates custom ads for your firm to appear on relevant, popular social channels.
  • Ads that come in after hours – Bigger law firms typically stop taking calls after 5 p.m., but smaller firms may be better equipped to answer calls after hours for hot leads.
  • Ads that are geo-targeted to an office location and local search ads that capitalize on searches made in close proximity to your office.
  • Over-the-top (OTT) ads – You don’t need a TV budget to have an ad appear on local television when you work with MeanPug.

PR for Small and Midsize Law Firms

In addition to placing custom advertisements on social channels, we can also post to your firm’s social media accounts regularly, explore opportunities for podcasts featuring your firm’s attorneys, and establish relationships with trustworthy and authoritative publications for contributor pieces that point back to your site. These proactive marketing strategies tend to fall by the wayside when your firm has a smaller team. Most small to midsize firms don’t have dedicated marketing teams, or they might have one marketing manager who juggles everything. We can help you with more strategic, long-term growth in addition to one-off requests like designing a print ad, helping design swag, setting up a photo shoot, writing a press release, and other things that might give a solo marketing professional, or office manager tasked with marketing, a headache if dropped in their laps. MeanPug makes it all manageable by handling it all for you.

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We may not be retrievers, but we’ll always bring back results. From short-term goals to long-term growth, we’ll deliver consistent upward trends and positive data that speaks for itself.

No matter where your law firm lands on Google’s SERP, we will focus our efforts on climbing up in Google search rankings, and we won’t stop until your firm is in the number one spot. If we see an opportunity for growth, it’s all paws on deck to maximize value and propel your firm’s progress.

Midsize Law Firm
Case Study

Case Study: Shulman & Hill


1,852 monthly users
39 monthly mobile formfills
259 monthly web leads

After MeanPug

25% increase in organic monthly users
329% increase in mobile formfills
17% increase in total leads
Small and Midsize Law Firm Testimonials
  • Date

    February 2023

    Written by

    Seth Lehrman

    Our MeanPug team created and maintain a great website for our law firm. Their team of professionals deliver remarkable content, effective execution of our marketing plan and provide clear monthly reporting.

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  • Date

    April 2022

    Written by

    Tara Nealon

    My firm has been working with Meanpug on a number of projects and they have been fantastic. We’ve used other companies in the past who did not take the time to understand what we are looking for, so we’ve been very happy with Meanpug. I have a very busy schedule and really appreciate how Meanpug has figured out ways to make my involvement in the projects as easy as possible. We’re very happy with everything they’ve created for us and can’t recommend them enough!
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Google My Business Listings for Small to Midsize Law Firms

For a small to medium-sized law firm, we can assist with creating and/or optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing and boosting your firm’s presence in the “local 3 pack.” Getting to the top of results (and staying there) requires GMB maintenance as well, which involves publishing posts regularly, updating photos, announcing awards, tracking local rankings, and making updates to product descriptions, general description, attributes, or categories.

We also help firms come up with strategies to generate positive reviews, such as using a QR-code on business cards that goes right to GMB reviews, placing links to GMB reviews on the website, onboarding dedicated reputation management software, building customized email templates to send to past clients with successful outcomes, and more.

MeanPug carefully tracks and logs the short- and long-term results of every marketing strategy we employ, and we put it all in easy-to-understand graphs and charts so you can see trends in your firm’s growth. One glance and the benefit of working with MeanPug will be apparent.

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Level Up Your Law Firm with MeanPug


Keep track of your firm’s progress and take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way by partnering up with MeanPug Digital. Your legal marketing strategy could make or break you at this point, so trust the experts in our pack with your firm’s growth and expansion.

When you pass the torch to us, we’ll take it further than you could ever go on your own. Make sure your law firm’s momentum never slows down by working with the Pugs.

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