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Our story takes us from scrappy startups to the largest personal injury law firms in the country. We’ve grown fledgling companies from $0 to $100m ARR in under three years and have helped established corporations quadruple their digital sales. We know the winning tactics and strategies your competitors are using, and we can help you follow them. When you work with MeanPug, you’re working directly with passionate founders who love a challenge.

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We’ve Helped the
Largest Personal Injury Firms
Double in Size

Bobby Steinbach, former Director of Engineering for Morgan & Morgan, and Andrew Nasrinpay, former Director of Paid Digital Advertising for Morgan & Morgan, founded MeanPug in 2020 as a full-service client origination solution for law firms.

Meet the
MeanPug Pack

Bobby Steinbach Bobby Steinbach flipped
Bobby Steinbach

Founding Partner
Andrew Nasrinpay Andrew Nasrinpay flipped
Andrew Nasrinpay

Founding Partner
Mike Jones Mike Jones flipped
Mike Jones

Oxana Skripka Oxana Skripka flipped
Oxana Skripka

Creative Director
Chuan Cheng Chuan Cheng flipped
Chuan Cheng

Iraklii Gaprindashvili Iraklii Gaprindashvili flipped
Iraklii Gaprindashvili

Video Producer
Hope Buchanan Hope Buchanan flipped
Hope Buchanan

Marketing Coordinator
Caroline Cornell Caroline Cornell flipped
Caroline Cornell

Content Director
Jennifer Donnelly Jennifer Donnelly flipped
Jennifer Donnelly

SEO Lead
Sydney Terzic Sydney Terzic flipped
Sydney Terzic

SEO Manager
Ishani Dash Ishani Dash flipped
Ishani Dash

Content Editor
Sarah Raider-Wexler Sarah Raider-Wexler flipped
Sarah Raider-Wexler

Account Strategist
Malik Pervez Malik Pervez flipped
Malik Pervez

Project Manager
Matt Cox Matt Cox flipped
Matt Cox

Senior Marketing Manager
Paige Duggan Paige Duggan flipped
Paige Duggan

Brand Marketing Manager
Ilianna Romanzo Ilianna Romanzo flipped
Ilianna Romanzo

Senior Operations Manager
Tikki Tikki flipped

We are hiring

We are always looking for new talent. At MeanPug, we believe that the success of our company rests squarely on the work quality and happiness of our team. We want you not for your ability to punch around on a keyboard but for your creativity, spirit, willingness, and ability to execute.


Take a look at our current openings.

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  • Forbes Agency Council badge
  • WPEngine
  • Forbes Agency Council badge
  • WPEngine
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