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We specialize in helping law firms of all shapes and sizes with their marketing and advertising needs. Whether you’re a solo looking to break ground or a 100+ attorney firm, we have experience with most practices and can create a growth plan to fit your needs.

  • Family Law Firms Right Purple Icon

    The right marketing agency to help develop your family law practice has a diverse skillset and the results to back it up. Beyond the skillset to run effective marketing campaigns, you need a team that has specific experience in family law and a deep understanding of the unique process of high net-worth contested divorces.

  • Large Law Firms Right Purple Icon

    We have helped some of the largest firms in the country grow to dominate their markets and know what it takes to boost case acquisition at every stage of a law firm’s growth. Learn why large law firms trust MeanPug with their legal marketing needs.

  • Business and Transactional Law Firms Right Purple Icon

    Business and transactional law firms choose MeanPug for our deep legal experience and award-winning legal marketing. Having worked with multiple full-service law firms and law firms that exclusively practice transactional law, MeanPug understands the nuances of legal marketing that most agencies simply don’t.

  • Small to Midsize Law Firms Right Purple Icon

    Your firm is established, you have a brand identity and a working website, so now what? At MeanPug, we consider ourselves your partners in growth and are committed to helping your firm expand in directions you may have never thought possible. We take pride in our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to legal marketing, and we make no exceptions to our standards for excellence when it comes to small to mid-sized law firms. Learn about what opportunities you could be seizing.

  • Personal Injury Law Firms Right Purple Icon

    It’s no secret that personal injury lawyers need help with marketing. While PI firms have mastered the art of the extravagant billboard, they sometimes lack the lighter touch required for a holistic marketing and advertising strategy. With hundreds of millions in generated fee income under our belt, MeanPug is the lighter touch personal injury firms have been looking for.

  • Marketing Coordinators Right Purple Icon

    We’re a marketing coordinator’s best friend. With transparent reporting, flexible work structure, and legal marketing specialty, we speak your language and fit seamlessly into your internal workflow.

  • New Law Firms Right Purple Icon

    Starting a new law firm can be daunting. There are many things to consider and decisions to make. Luckily MeanPug has years of experience and a proven track record of successfully bringing new law firms to market. Learn more about how we help launch legal brands.

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