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Top 21 Law Firm Websites of 2023

See who’s made the list of the top 21 law firm websites of 2023 with our first annual roundup. Do you recognize any of the winners?

by Bobby Steinbach 13 December 2023

It’s the end of the year and we’re breaking out our ugly sweaters, Hanukkah gelt, tree ornaments, and all the other must-have holiday accessories. It’s also time for our inaugural annual post celebrating the best law firm website designs across the web!

What is a top law firm website design?

It’s hard to find law firm websites that truly stand-out. Usually they fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Ugly AF. You’ve surely seen your share of these.
  2. Templated. These are the sites that look just like every other law firm website. No unique branding, imagery, or messaging to speak of.
  3. Safe. These sites aren’t ugly or templated, but they also don’t take any risks and do just the bare minimum.

The law firm website examples in this list are the opposite of these categories. The best law firm websites are the ones that are:

  1. Beautiful. A law firm website is meant to be engaging and informative. The websites in our list of the top law firm websites of 2023 both delight and inform their audience.
  2. Unique. Brands must be unique, otherwise they are built on sand. The unique law firm websites in this list are unique in their design, messaging, imagery, or combination of these factors.
  3. Bold. A law firm website should appeal to their audience and meet them where they are, but it shouldn’t necessarily be for everyone. The websites in this list have made a statement with bold design decisions.

Without further ado…

List of the Best Law Firm Websites

Tycko & Zavereei

You don’t necessarily equate Whistleblower law firms with groundbreaking web design, but Tycko & Zavereei , have created a unique, engaging, and informative website for their Class Action and Whistleblower practice. Bright colors, quirky shapes, and bold messaging abound in the firms’ interesting website. Check it out below.

Cybernetic Law

Patent attorneys should probably know a thing or two about tech. Luckily, the website of Cybernetic Law lives up to that standard. It features a modern font with a snazzy, dynamic layout that screams “I’M A TECHY”! Cybernetic Law is a great law firm website example for those looking to make a bold statement.

Outlier Patent Attorneys

Another patent attorney making the list of top law firm websites of 2023! Outlier Patent Attorneys – like Cybernetic Law above – make excellent use of font family to accent a theme. With monospace font throughout, the site feels like old typewriter meets modern aesthetic. The site also makes excellent use of textures and patterns to create a differentiated design. Watch the full walkthrough below.

Sierra Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law firms have a tendency to be over the top. Big images, big numbers, big colors, some might even say garish. Sierra Injury Lawyers, a personal injury law firm out of the Truckee-Tahoe region, has managed to create an excellent legal website without looking over the top. The site feels natural and down to earth with a lush green primary color, but is extremely legible and easy to digest with high contrast accent colors. Pulled together through the use of slick transitions and animations, the Porter Simon personal injury brand checks all the boxes of a top law firm website design.

Sandoval Law

Sandoval Law might not have the prettiest website in this list, but it’s a good example of applying form to function. The site is enormous with over 1,500 pages so the most important component of design will be giving user’s the ability to navigate such a large sitemap

To that end, the site is built for function and has managed to maintain a straightforward, comprehensible interface to power that goal.

Kluk Farber

On the other end of the spectrum, Kluk Farber has almost no content but makes this list due to their outside-the-box color palette (a blinding yellow, which we obviously love 😎), fun use of illustrations, and an epic serif font (Portrait Condensed).

Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum

Clean design, good use of white-space, and a straightforward implementation combine to make Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum a winner in this years list. Unique messaging isn’t highlighted in this build, but SEO potential is through the roof with super-clear CTA’s and headers highlighting key terms that you simply can’t miss (“New York Personal Injury Attorneys” is bigger than the empire state building on this website).

Solano Immigration Law

As the first immigration law firm to make our list, Solano Immigration Law Firm is a prime example of simple design making a big impact. Good law firm web design isn’t about building complicated sites, it’s about giving potential clients a taste of your firms’ personality, answering questions that users may have, and conveying that you are a trusted provider.

Raphaelson Levine

Raphaelson Levine’s website doesn’t look like your typical law firm website. It makes ample use of negative space, has strong branded elements throughout the page, and has ultra high-contrast CTA’s which invite the user to take action. Also, they’ve got a pretty dope contact form! Check it out in the video walkthrough below

Newmark Storms Dworak

Wolves are a close cousin of pugs, so maybe we’re a little bias on this one. The Newark Storms Dworak is a beautiful example of how far strong messaging and imagery can take a law firm website design. The site itself is modern and aesthetically pleasing, but the real magic is in the messaging (“Lighting your path to Justice” is about as good as it gets for a civil rights law firm). See the full breakdown below.

Milla & Associates

Another immigration law firm makes the list! The Milla & Associates site is a great law firm website example for its simple yet thoughtful web design. The design makes us nostalgic for the days of image maps with clickable imagery taking front and center.

Lawbike is one of the most out-there designs in this years’ list of top law firm website designs. Unlike Sierra Injury Lawyers from earlier, the site is garish, but it just works! This site is an example of one where they went all in, took a risk, and it paid off in spades. See the walkthrough below for all the motorcycle goodness

Jaszcsuk P.C.

In addition to winning the award for hardest name to pronounce, Jaszcsuk P.C. is probably the winner of most unique law firm website of 2023. Playful animations, a little green orb, and bold messaging like “You Can Be My Wingman Any Time” combine to create one slick law firm website. You won’t want to miss this walkthrough.

Horwitz Horwitz & Associates

Class and elegance shine through with Horwitz Horwitz & Associates beautiful website. The opposite of over-the-top, the website is clean, welcoming, and features high quality imagery of the trial lawyers at this Illinois law firm.

Goldstein Law Group

A classic white on black website, the Goldstein Law Group out of California is the first (and only) criminal defense law firm to make this years list of excellent legal websites. While the design is straightforward, it still manages to feel unique and personal to the no nonsense legal brand it represents.


The Employment Law Center of Maryland website is a masterclass in messaging. Point in fact, “We Sue Bad Bosses” is without question the best tagline we’ve seen for an employment law firm, bar none. Mixed with some creative use of CTA’s (catch that sidebar popping out from the right side as you scroll down the page), this website is a great legal website example for other firms to draw inspiration from. Bonus points in this video walkthrough for a tricky firm name to say in context.

DLA Piper

Big law made the list of creative websites, we’ve truly entered the modern age. DLA Piper – an AM Law 100 firm – made a shockingly good impression with their dynamic website. In an ecosystem notorious for stuffy sites with boilerplate design and uninspired copy, DLA Piper stands out. They’ve got a really neat waveform animation that ties together some snappy branded messaging as you scroll down the page. This one is a great example of a picture being worth a thousand words, check out the walkthrough below.

DFW Injury Lawyers

Texas has no shortage of over-the-top personal injury law firms (if you haven’t heard of Jim Adler, the Texas Hammer, do yourself a favor and look up his TV commercials). However, DFW Injury Lawyers are a fresh new face in the North Texas area making waves for their new creative campaign, “Bring in the Muscle”. With a sleek, modern website that has no shortage of engaging transitions and animations, these new personal injury lawyers are positioning themselves to stand out from the crowd in 2023 and beyond.

The Dadvocates

Amazing, high-quality imagery shines front and center in The Dadvocates website. A family law (and criminal defense) firm based out of California, this site has differentiated itself through incredibly well chosen and well sourced imagery placed at perfect points in the copy. In an arena where client’s are looking for help in times of upheaval, The Dadvocates has managed to convey a sense of hope through its use of visual aids, and that alone makes it worthy of making this years list of top legal websites.

Burner Prudenti Law

Burner Prudenti Law is a woman-owned Trust & Estates, Elder Law, and Real Estate Law Firm based in NY. As a creative tip-of-the-hat to its 3 female founders, the design incorporates three circles all throughout the website. This theme of circles – a shape commonly associated with femininity – runs through the entirety of the highly interactive website and creates a strong, cohesive design element. Complemented by a clean modern design and plentiful transitions and animations, this is a walkthrough you’ll definitely want to see.

Stanchieri Family Law

Rounding out our 2023 list, Stanchieri Family Law proves that great things can come in small packages. With a classic white on black, high contrast design, this website skimps on bells and whistles in favor of a straightforward aesthetic. Watch the walkthrough to see how Stanchieri executes a simple design with class.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on making it to the end of this years list of top law firm websites! While we did our best to source a diverse blend of legal websites that met the standard for excellence, we surely missed some. If you’d like to nominate your site – or a friend’s – for next years list, shoot us a DM or send an email to Want to see a list of law firm marketing agency partners next? Let us know! Our partners at Design Rush are a great starting point for finding agency partners in the industry, and we think we’re a pretty good one to start with, too!

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