Video Marketing & Production For Law Firms

video production setup for law firms

Our specialized law firm video production crew has years of experience specifically shooting videos for attorneys. Our pack will visit your firm in-office and coordinate and set up a multi-day shoot in a local production studio, shoot the videos, do the post-production editing for use on all platforms, and create the marketing strategy for all these assets.

The end goal is always to improve your law firm’s brand, retain more clients, and increase fee income for your firm. We embed the videos on your website, share them on your social accounts, and promote them with ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, OTT/CTV, and TV. We also create fully ADA-compliant transcripts so your video strategy is working hand-in-hand with your law firm’s SEO efforts.

Every video plan we create is 100% custom to each firm we work with. Schedule a time to chat so we can come up with the perfect strategy for your law firm. We can create a full-service marketing strategy or stand-alone video assets to support your firm. Even if you wish to shoot the video on your own, build a marketing team in-house, or don’t think you have the budget to allocate to video marketing at the moment, reach out to us. We can help guide your expectations and do the research to assist you regarding what capitalization requirements you will likely need in order to see success from your marketing efforts. Reach out; we are here to help and offer 100% free audits and strategy sessions.

Why is video marketing important for law firms?

  • Differentiation
  • Increased onsite interaction (good for SEO / conversion rates)
  • Positive correlation between pages with video embeds and higher search engine rankings
  • Increased digital conversion rates (onsite)
Law Firm Video Production
Law Firm Video Production Process
  • step 01


    We learn about your firm, case types, and goals. We develop a unique value prop, collaborate on what branded assets will be used, and think of high-level concepts you would like us to use when creating your storyboards, scripts, and branding. Without a unique value proposition, your firm may struggle to stand out from competitors, convert clients at a higher rate, or retain clients within unit economics that you will be financially happy with.

  • step 02


    We do a 100% free audit on competitors in your area, television advertising spend, share of voice, and expected market share of each competitor. We develop a plan for differentiating your firm and propose budgets that will be needed to succeed. The last thing you want to do is under-capitalize a marketing or advertising objective.

  • step 03

    Concepts, Copywriting, and Storyboarding

    We create several concepts, write scripts, and storyboard out for all the assets and cut types that will be needed.

  • step 04

    Ethics, Compliance, and Bar Approval

    Before spending serious time and money on coordinating video shoots, we double-check that everything we are producing will be content that can be used. This audit stage allows us to be sure of bar compliance by submitting scripts for all assets to the local bar and getting any and all legal ethics opinions started.

  • step 05

    Attorney and Past Client Coordination

    At this stage, we solve potential problems before they occur. The video production shoot days are hectic environments, we know the problems that are likely to come up and address them all prior to shoot days. Coordinating long video shoots with busy attorneys and past clients can be very difficult.

    Locking in these days, coordinating attire to wear (and bringing extras), coordinating with makeup artists, and following strict protocol allow us to shoot as much footage in compressed one-to-three day production sets help to keep costs low for our clients and allow creative teams to produce higher quality assets. We typically recommend overbooking past clients for testimonials and have a long checklist we follow after repeating this process dozens of times.

  • step 06

    Video Production – Shoot Day(s)

    We have every detail planned out so you can just show up and enjoy your day in front of the camera. We send a full production team to travel to your firm: creative director, production manager, and lighting/mic/and camera crew. They shoot B-roll in the office, throughout your local market, and within a local studio space with green screens and ideal acoustic environments.

    We don’t expect our clients to make a trip all the way to our NYC studio and offices. We make this as easy as possible.

  • step 07


    Our team of video editors works their magic and makes everything look perfect. We start editing assets as soon as our shoot day ends so we can get your video assets on site and used for marketing/advertising collateral as fast as possible. Many projects can be turned around in as little as 7-14 days from filming.

    Our pugs personally review each video to ensure quality remains exceptional. Only after both your team and our team approve and are happy with the assets do we move on to implementing them on-site and in advertising.

  • step 08


    After planning, shooting, and post-production, it’s time to put your videos to use. Videos are cut for all platforms and durations: your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TV, OTT, etc. On all videos placed onsite, we optimize them for the latest SEO guidelines.

  • step 09

    Monitor and Review Results & ROI

    After launching our videos, we monitor all impressions, how people interact with the videos on page, and how long they listen to the videos (depth of listen) to optimize and change our design and strategy. This allows us to focus on long-term ROI from your law firm’s video marketing and advertising.

law firm video production

What creative direction needs to be followed for lawyer video advertising:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Clearly solve your potential client’s problem and state what the benefits are to them
  • Branded audio snippets
  • Branded soundtracks
  • Branded call to actions
    • URL
    • Vanity phone numbers
  • Drive for high recall rates and memorable branded assets

Common creative types for video advertising:

  • Jingles
    • Ex. Cellino and Barnes, 411 Pain, etc
  • Reputation boosting (Verdicts & Settlements)
    • Ex. Thomas J. Henry, Morgan & Morgan, etc
  • Attorney branding (completely outside of direct response messaging)
    • Ex. Morgan & Morgan: John Morgan with his dog, Emma
  • Client testimonial commercials
    • Ex. Alexander Shunnarah
  • Traditional direct response (case type >> call now)
    • Ex. Sokolove
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Types of Law Firm Video Content:

Production crew filming lawyer TV advertising

Informational Videos for Law Firm Websites:

Firm Overview Videos:

Law firm overview videos are typically 2-minute videos that showcase the firm history and what differentiates the firm from its competitors.

Firm / Client Process Videos:

Client process videos explain to potential clients what to expect in terms of timelines and who they will interact with throughout the lifecycle of their case, from intake through verdict or settlement.

Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos for attorneys provide real examples that should look similar to your average client demographics and inspire confidence in new potential clients.

Case Type / Practice Area Informational Videos

It seems self-explanatory, but videos that live on practice area pages on your webpage will support the text and images and should be primarily optimized for SEO. These videos should describe in detail why your firm is the best fit for a client and can genuinely connect with clients on how to address their real issues. They’ll drastically improve conversion rate, help differentiate your brand (relative to the dozens of other results on Google), and correlate with better search engine rankings. 

FAQ Videos

These will be short 30-second videos that address common questions about the firm as well as case-type specific FAQs that can also be embedded on practice area pages on your website.

Attorney Profile Videos

Attorney profile videos allow potential clients to get a sense of who attorneys are and what their backgrounds are. Most importantly, profile videos humanize your attorneys and make them relatable and authentic.

Some of the Benefits of Informational Videos for Lawyers:

  1. Strengthen brand values (firm overview + client testimonial videos)
  2. Increase brand recall (firm overview + attorney profile videos)
  3. Increase onsite conversion rates (informational videos)
  4. Decrease intake abandonment (informational videos)
  5. Decrease client abandonment & churn (firm overview video + operations updates videos)
  6. Decrease clients calling in for case updates (process video)
  7. SEO Benefits
    1. Increase onsite interactions
    2. Correlation with ranking better on Google and Bing
    3. Increased impressions on video searches (on both Google video search and YouTube search)

Videos for law firm internal operations & legal intake process:

Retainer Sent Video:

This is a short video that is messaged to potential clients explaining the retainer agreement that was just sent to them. The primary purpose of this video is to increase retainer sent to retainer signed rates. These videos are best sent through SMS and email and should be triggered by your intake management system / CRM.

Client Welcome Video:

Welcome videos are similar to firm process videos but explain the process to the client and let them know how they may be able to help (i.e., collecting police reports, medical records, or any other documentation that may be required for the case type they were just retained for). These videos are best sent through SMS and email and should be triggered by your intake management system / CRM.

Leave a Review / Thank You Video

Creating a video asking for a review is proven to be more effective than just sending an email or text message. These videos are extremely important for increasing local SEO rankings and for boosting the number of good reviews for Local Service Advertising. Both of these marketing mediums are extremely important for most plaintiffs’ lawyers case types.

Case Completion Video

After cases are resolved or clients’ distributions have been sent, creating thank you videos and case completion videos is an effective way of letting clients know you care. This is important for increasing client referrals. After implementing videos like this, you should be able to see a measurable increase in client-driven referrals.

Law firm benefits of operations process guide videos:

  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Increase 5-star reviews on Google
  • Reduce case update calls (best paired with a client portal)

Videos for Law Firm Marketing and Advertising:

Attorney Videos for Traditional Media:

Videos For

Law Firm TV Advertising

Billions of dollars are spent every year on attorney advertising on television. The largest firms spend hundreds of millions of dollars on TV, and it’s not uncommon for there to be two or three large plaintiffs firms spending over $1 million a month on personal injury TV ads in any given state (or Designated Market Area (DMA)).

Most Common TV Asset Durations/Formats for Lawyers:
  • Long Form – These are infomercial-style videos.
  • 60s – Longer format videos that are often used for storytelling or more complex case types with criteria in the commercials (Ex. Mass Torts)
  • 30s – Bread and butter duration that is cheaper but is still long enough to get your message across
  • 15s – Short-duration TV ads to increase frequency (the better known you are in a market, the more you can lean on lower priced 15s to make your buys more efficient and value-oriented)

Video Assets for OTC / CTV

Smart TVs and streaming open up a new way to purchase impressions on video advertisements. These types of video advertisements often time use similar creative formats as those used in traditional linear TV, but the buying techniques are different and the advertising strategy should be as well.

Videos for Law Firm Digital Advertising:

YouTube Video Advertising

Most common duration / assets needed for attorney advertisement on YouTube:
  • 6 seconds (Bumpers)
  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 2m+ long format

Social Advertising Video Assets

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Videos for Organic Law Firm Marketing:

Social Media Videos (organic)

  • YouTube Channel Videos
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Videos for Facebook
  • Instagram Reels
  • Twitter (Event-Driven PR Videos) < 2m

Trial Videos

  • Day-in-the-life videos
  • Settlement video documentaries
  • Wrongful death video portraits
  • Animation and trial graphics

Case Types Video Advertising Works Well For:

  1. Personal Injury
  2. Mass Tort
  3. Workers Compensation
  4. Medical Malpractice
  5. Social Security Disability
  6. Employment Law
  7. First-Party Insurance Disputes
  8. Divorce & Family Law
  9. Criminal
  10. Estate Planning

Case types advertising videos don’t work well for:

  1. Securities fraud
  2. Insurance defense
  3. Transactional firms

Just because video marketing or advertising doesn’t produce revenue-generating clients for these particular case types or practice areas doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t produce video assets as a firm. You should still have a firm overview video, FAQ videos, firm process videos, etc. These case types should just not have marketing videos created for them for television advertising, paid social media advertising, or paid YouTube advertising.

Digital Video vs. Video Shot for Television Ads:

  1. Start with the hook first on digital formats

On digital video ads, you want to start with your hook. Many platforms have skippable ads, so you only have a few seconds to get your message across and can’t follow a linear story arch like you could in a television commercial. You need to keep people engaged in order for the ads to play in full.

  1. Zoom in closer on the attorney’s / actor’s face

Ads watched on smaller screen formats are better off zooming in on faces more than those of TV advertisements.

  1. Make your ads relatable and authentic

This is the largest difference between ads that are created for digital-first formats versus traditional media. The more spontaneous, intimate, authentic, and less like an advert, the better it will perform on digital channels. While this may seem like a new concept, this has always been true, even in television advertisements. It has just become painfully obvious with the new metrics provided by digital platforms.

Tips for Effective Legal Marketing Videos

  1. Make realistic timelines: It takes time to create good strategy, scripts, production, and post-production. Rushing this process is a recipe for disaster.
  2. Use very strong calls to action: Most legal advertisers are direct response marketers, yet forget to include calls to action entirely in their ads while creating vague claims about how evil insurance companies are.
  3. Cut for every duration and format type: 6s bumpers, 15s, 30s, 60s, long format, etc. Getting all these assets in the same shoot will save you time and money down the road.
  4. Focus on the video from the client’s perspective: What problem are you solving for potential clients?
  5. Keep branded assets consistent: Brand building takes years, don’t buy new numbers, change domains / URLs, etc. Doing this is a massive waste of time and money. Do it right the first time and stick with it.

Know when you need high production value

High production value isn’t always needed, not every video will be a television advertisement. Some social videos or client testimonials are actually better shot on the phone in your pocket if you want to gain some authenticity points with your audience.

How to choose an agency for lawyer video marketing:

  • Choose an agency that specializes in legal marketing.
  • Choose a full-service agency so they can implement everything from concept and production to implementation and advertising. Using separate vendors for each step is a recipe for disaster and will leave you with a bunch of vendors all pointing their fingers at each other and significant time and communication delays.
  • Choose an agency with experience that can showcase its success.
  • Choose an agency that complies with bar ethics.
  • Choose an agency that has good data privacy and medical data compliance.
  • Choose folks you actually want to work with in the long term. Don’t dread getting on marketing calls.
  • Choose an agency that will give you exclusivity in marketing in your geographic market or case type. 
  • Choose an agency that can work within your budget and be flexible.

Having trouble finding agencies that fit those standards? That’s because there aren’t many.


Ethical and Bar Complaint Attorney Video Advertising

How bad would it feel to spend months creating videos you love only to have them not get approved by the bar or ethics council? Avoid this problem entirely by working with legal marketing professionals who have done all this before and solve these problems before they even happen.

All our law firm video marketing will meet the following compliance steps:

  • Bar Submission and Compliant Before Implementation
  • Ethics Review (Internal and External)
  • All video advertisements are stored in accordance with local bar requirements (typically 2-3 years)

Data privacy, medical compliance, and permissions controls

Working with law firms as a marketing vendor means handling sensitive client data. Don’t work with agencies that put your firm’s reputation at risk and that don’t have experience dealing with PII and medical data. We help our clients navigate any and all potential risks, including data breach compliance, PII and medical records compliance, and permissions controls so employees don’t need to see or export certain privileged data sets but instead have access to exactly what they need to get work done.

Law firm video production agency

In the realm of content distribution and flexibility, video remains unparalleled. Its remarkable return on investment ensures that a single production can be effectively utilized across various platforms—your corporate website, YouTube, social media, television commercials, or as a valuable supplement to email marketing campaigns for years into the future. Video has consistently demonstrated its capacity to yield significant outcomes for online marketing initiatives. It is a proven strategy to differentiate your enterprise while forging an emotional bond with prospective clients.

Regarding the specific sector of legal video production, traditional approaches have long dictated the standards. However, these standards need to be improved to meet the growing demands of the industry. We optimize our content for all device factors: TVs, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Our system elevates these standards and guarantees tangible outcomes for your law firm.

Video Production for Law Firms: FAQs

  • Do I need to create video content optimized for mobile or specific to each channel?

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    Drag & Drop Services Here

    Designers not only help ensure your collateral looks good and stands out to potential clients, they can also ensure everything you produce is as easily digestible and user-friendly as possible. Content layout and structure, for example, benefits from oversight by a designer. Infographics and similar design assets can also be used for backlink building and other SEO strategies.

    Software Development + Digital Advertising + Marketing

    Engineering builds data pipelines and integrations for connecting analysis tools (like Google Analytics) with ad performance and organic tracking metrics. Content and engineering develop highly relevant landing pages for PPC campaigns to increase relevancy score and clickthrough rate (thereby reducing auction cost and cost per acquisition).

    Web Design + Branding + Digital AdvertisingMarketing + Traditional Advertising-

    Launching creative campaigns simultaneously across digital and traditional advertising ensures continuity in the user journey. Design initiates creative concepts, marketing creates appropriate content and landing pages for these concepts, and digital and traditional teams initiate technical buys around these campaigns.

    Digital Advertising + Marketing + Traditional Advertising + Business Operations

    If you launched a new digital and traditional advertising campaign and find that your phones are ringing off the hooks, your instant success will quickly turn into a nightmare. As the number of your intakes increase, it further strains your call center resources and operational infrastructure. That’s why it’s important to have a high-functioning CRM, automation where appropriate, trained personnel, and similar technical infrastructure in order to handle higher traffic.

    Business Operations + Software Development

    If your operations team and engineers aren’t communicating with each other, things are likely to fall through the cracks and your firm is likely not as efficient as it could be. Integrating third party solutions—such as your website, ad platforms, and lead-gen services—with your CRM and tooling is a task for engineering.

    Web Design + Branding + Traditional Advertising

    Branding is responsible for the long-term vision and roadmap of a law firm’s image. Traditional advertising picks up where these concepts leave off and execute buys around the creative collateral, negotiate rates, and track the performance of the buys across creative, placement, and format boundaries.

    Web Design + Branding + Software Development

    When launching a new website, it has to look good and be fully functional. Designers should sit side by side with the engineering team to ensure that a new web design follows UI/UX best practices and effectively communicates the law firm’s brand. Engineers take your creative team’s mocks and make them come alive.

    Software Development + Digital Advertising + Marketing + Business Operations

    As digital advertising teams generate intake volume, that volume must be pushed into the business’ CRM in a way that facilitates a timely response. Operations will be responsible for creating processes and flows around these intake records in order to provide transparency and increase the probability for signing good cases, and turning down unqualified ones.

    Copywriters work closely with digital advertising teams to create highly relevant, enticing messaging across multiple ad formats. Design takes this messaging and applies a layer of paint, resulting in a memorable digital ad. The advertising team then takes the final assets and executes technical buy, reports on results, and optimizes accordingly.

    Digital Advertising + Marketing + Web DesignBranding + Traditional Advertising

    Copywriters work closely with traditional advertising teams to create highly relevant, enticing messaging across multiple ad formats. Designers play a key role in storyboarding, ensuring that the imagery and assets used are eye-catching. The traditional advertising team then takes the asset and executes technical buy, reports on results, and optimizes accordingly.

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