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How Does MeanPug Help Workers’ Compensation Law Firms?

As workers’ compensation attorneys, you know that experience counts. Workers’ compensation marketing is very distinct from marketing for other legal case types, such as personal injury or mass torts. The main difference is that many cases are generated through referrals. This is a byproduct of potential clients not realizing that these are actually different types of lawsuits. Workers’ compensation cases typically fall into two categories: those that are union-affiliated, and those that are not. Different marketing strategies need to be addressed for each of these client journeys.

MeanPug is a safe bet when it comes to workers’ compensation law firm marketing. Our co-founders led marketing initiatives at the largest plaintiff’s law firms in the country prior to launching MeanPug, so believe us when we say, “We get it.” With more than 50 years of combined experience growing law firms, we have a fully built-out process to help you retain more clients from every marketing channel. Our process will help position your workers’ compensation firm for long-term success.

  • step 01

    Initial Audit

  • step 02

    Competitor Audit

  • step 03

    Brand Bible & Branded Assets

  • step 04

    Web Build / Tech Infrastructure

  • step 05

    Content Creation & SEO

  • step 06

    LSA + Paid Ads Launch

  • step 07

    Referral Network Building Site Launch

  • step 08

    Lex Connect Referral Tracking Integration

  • step 09

    KPI Tracking

  • step 010

    Operations Consulting / Campaign Refinement


Referrals for workers’ compensation law firms typically break down into three different types:

  • Lawyer Referrals
  • Medical Referrals
  • Client Referrals

Lawyer Referrals (From Personal Injury Firms)

The fastest way for a workers’ compensation law firm to grow their business in a way that is 100% risk-free, without spending a single dollar more on marketing, is to generate a referral relationship with a large personal injury firm. 

Why is this the fastest, most cost-efficient method? 

Most consumers don’t understand the difference between a personal injury claim and a workers’ compensation claim. Thus, when personal injury firms advertise, they get a ton of workers’ compensation intakes that they either turn down or refer out. 

Well, that’s easier said than done. Now, many of these large personal injury firms have also started to build workers’ compensation practices in-house themselves. However, a vast majority of personal injury law firms do not practice workers’ comp and are happy to refer it out.

This same dynamic also exists for small and mid-size personal injury law firms. These firms source most of their cases through digital marketing and word of mouth. Both of these marketing channels also get lots of workers’ compensation intakes when they advertise for PI.

Medical Referrals

Legal and medical are like PB&J: The dynamic of referrals between doctors and lawyers is both long-standing and well-known. Yet, it’s an area that few firms actively put consistent effort and investment behind. Hiring staff, or an agency, to help build out your legal and medical referrals is one of the highest ROI decisions that law firm owners could make, yet many put it off for years or don’t do it at all.

Common medical referral providers include:

  • Workers’ Compensation Doctors
  • MRI Clinics
  • Chiropractors

Video Production & Marketing for Workers’ Compensation Law Firms

Video marketing for law firms has been a critical part of strategy for years but is now more important than ever. With the advent of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, your videos can reach a far wider audience than ever before. Videos should support your brand, attract and retain clients, and ultimately bring in more revenue. With hundreds of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, your firm’s videos have to stand out — we can help with that. 

Our professional videography crew can shoot, edit, implement, and market top-quality ADA-compliant content. The whole MeanPug team works together to ensure your video marketing efforts align with your SEO strategy, backlinking opportunities, and more.


Marketing / Media Mix for Workers’ Compensation Law Firms

TV Advertising

While we recommend TV to our personal injury and mass tort clients, it rarely makes sense as a marketing channel for most workers’ compensation law firms. The reason for this is that workers’ comp claims typically have lower fee income per case than personal injury. Television is better suited for cases that can stomach higher cost per retained client unit economics.

Radio Advertising

Unless you do both personal injury and workers’ compensation, the same comments above about television also apply to radio advertising. A workers’-compensation-only practice is likely not going to be able to sustain the levels of investment necessary for a traditional media marketing campaign.


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