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Pitta & Baione LLP is a law firm dedicated to advocating for New Yorkers & their families who are still suffering the consequences of living and working south of Houston Street after the tragic events that unfolded on 9/11.


Pitta & Baione LLP approached MeanPug Digital with the task of distinguishing their website,, from competitors, and becoming more visible online. The goal was to showcase their expertise in handling Victim Compensation Fund claims and to visually differentiate their firm from other 9/11 law firms, all the while driving results online. The new and improved website had to serve as both an informative resource and a subtle advocate for the cause, all while maintaining a refined and delicate tone. Beyond establishing a fitting visual identity, the site needed structural optimization for SEO to boost its competitiveness in search rankings and had to be adaptable for a bilingual audience. Our pack was up for the challenge.

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What we improved

Our meticulous revamp of the firm’s visual identity led to a 24.4% increase in site clicks per day. By introducing deliberate design choices tailored for a bilingual audience, we not only enhanced user engagement, but also drove measurable results in terms of website traffic and improved keyword rankings by nearly 22% (most notably, moving from position 15 to 1 for a key search term). Our approach was as follows:


  • We reimagined their visual systems and messaging style, drawing inspiration from traditional editorial design elements and collage style graphics.
  • Our design featured a subdued color palette of blue and beige aimed at instilling a sense of tranquility and calmness for users navigating through challenging experiences. Using visual ‘dots’ to represent the harmful chemicals found in the air that were eventually linked to severe illness. We crafted interactive infographics to effectively communicate Pitta & Baione LLP’s advocacy cause.
  • Addressing the sensitive topic of 9/11-related cancers, we opted for refined iconography instead of straightforward disease listings, highlighting in a more abstract way the health issues of individuals who were near the 9/11 attacks.
  • Recognizing the diverse audience of Pitta & Baione LLP, a significant portion of whom were Chinese speakers residing in Chinatown during and after the attacks, we took proactive steps to ensure the website catered to a bilingual audience.
  • We collaborated with the Pitta & Baione LLP team to develop various branded assets, such as brochures, business cards, letterhead, and other stationary materials, all consistent with the onsite visual identity and with the clear aim at helping their audience navigate their circumstances.
  • Additionally, we enhanced SEO efforts by optimizing existing content, creating fresh blog posts to establish thought leadership and securing valuable backlinks. We further expanded our reach by facilitating contributor posts, with one being featured by the prominent media outlet, MSN. Our efforts drove a nearly 25% increase in organic traffic.

Services Provided

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    Branding is about more than style. Your brand is your values, mission, history, visual form, and - most importantly - first impression for new potential clients. Every law firm is a singular brand. The team at MeanPug Digital is here to help you express that uniqueness to the world.

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    SEO for law firms is essential if you want to catapult your business to the next level! At MeanPug, we thrive on real-world results for our clients and always allow data to dictate our strategy.

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    Website Design and Development

    You dream it, we build it. We've designed and developed award-winning websites for our law firm clients that look amazing, perform seamlessly, and solidly scaffold all other digital initiatives.

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    Content Marketing

    At a fundamental level, content marketing is about creating the foundation for all other marketing and advertising efforts. Landing pages for PPC and keyword-heavy works for SEO both start with the content team. Without high quality legal content, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle in the auction and the rankings.

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