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When Burner Law welcomed Hon. Gail Prudenti to the Firm, a new name, brand identity, and website were called for. The Partners wanted to establish themselves as one of the most prominent trust & estate/elder law firms in Suffolk County, Long Island, and the State of New York, and they looked to MeanPug to help them get there.


MeanPug was challenged with a few contradictory goals: Creating a bold, forward-thinking visual identity while not completely alienating the Firm’s audience (older, often high net-worth individuals). Classic values had to be balanced with modern outlooks, and their compassionate / personable approach to client servicing with a formal, respectful tone. 


Unlike most other projects, MeanPug had the additional challenge of navigating a new website build alongside a significant change in firm name. Multiple conversations were had regarding whether or not the web domain should change and the pros and cons of doing so.


Never afraid to take on new challenges, MeanPug jumped into action.

New Design


What we improved

MeanPug answered the challenge of this top Long Island trust and estates law firm to reimagine what their brand could look and sound like. A new firm name, logo,  and website were born, along with a new set of brand guidelines. Vibrant colors helped the website, new logo, and iconography pop, while a clean design still lent the Firm necessary authority. New copy highlighted the Firm’s talent as well as compassion for their clients, as well as emphasized the lawyers’ deep legal experience and out-of-the-box thinking.


A unique element of this project was the degree to which the Firm is  involved in the local community. This includes a vast amount of educational material the lawyers create for local residents and prospective clients. To feature this prominently on the website, a UX/UI-friendly seminar and webinars section were created, allowing the Firm to more easily drive event registrations. A new media library was also created to showcase the wealth of videos, blogs, podcasts, and news articles the Firm creates and is regularly featured in. Overall, these sections of the website and multiple blocks on other pages of the site linking  to these materials helps  emphasize their long-standing reputation and recognition as leaders in the Long Island legal community.


After the Website Launch

After the new website launched, MeanPug doubled down on advancing the Firm’s marketing initiatives and goals. 

MeanPug’s services included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Creation of branded assets: With a new logo and firm name comes a host of materials that need to be refreshed. After our creative team finalized a new brand bible and library of branded assets (including new business cards and print ads), our team helped expand the Firm’s video content. Intro and outro cards were created to improve webinar recordings, while video reels were produced to help capture the energy of in-person events.
  • SEO / content marketing: Existing content was audited and prioritized for in-depth SEO refreshes aimed to boost rankings using in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis. A new content calendar was created to support the expansion of the sitemap with the goal of ranking for new competitive keywords. A backlink strategy was created and launched with an emphasis on directory listings, as was a regular cadence of onsite SEO technical fixes.
  • Ongoing web development: After the successful launch of the website, our web development team mapped out a plan for the rest of the year to continue building upon the strong framework we already had. Custom widgets like “Was This Helpful?” and “Ask a Question” blocks were designed and developed, helping to increase user engagement and ultimately increase time spent onsite.
  • PPC: A digital advertising strategy was created for the Firm, helping them target new case types—including those that they didn’t necessarily want to feature prominently on their website—and ultimately increase traffic to their website. 

Services Provided

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    Branding is about more than style. Your brand is your values, mission, history, visual form, and - most importantly - first impression for new potential clients. Every law firm is a singular brand. The team at MeanPug Digital is here to help you express that uniqueness to the world.

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    Content Marketing

    At a fundamental level, content marketing is about creating the foundation for all other marketing and advertising efforts. Landing pages for PPC and keyword-heavy works for SEO both start with the content team. Without high quality legal content, you'll always be fighting an uphill battle in the auction and the rankings.

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    Digital Advertising

    Sign more cases with digital advertising for lawyers. Digital ads come in many different shapes and sizes, the art is in finding the format(s) that profitably generate cases for your practice.

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    SEO for law firms is essential if you want to catapult your business to the next level! At MeanPug, we thrive on real-world results for our clients and always allow data to dictate our strategy.

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    Video Production

    From traditional TV commercials to professionally-produced videos for social media and web, MeanPug can help with all aspects of video production.

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    Website Design and Development

    You dream it, we build it. We've designed and developed award-winning websites for our law firm clients that look amazing, perform seamlessly, and solidly scaffold all other digital initiatives.

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