04. Ethical Business: Micha Star Liberty Talks Equity, Trauma-Informed Training, and Leadership


Episode Overview

Lawyers are business owners, law firms are businesses, and having multiple businesses can be a great thing for lawyers… but it takes strategy, passion, and proper training to successfully grow businesses and achieve synergy between them.

As society and business rapidly evolves, law firms are facing challenges in getting and managing referrals, prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and keeping up with trauma-informed best practices.

Today, we’re happy to be joined by Micha Star Liberty, Founder of Liberty Law, a law firm litigating serious injury, civil rights, sexual abuse, consumer, and employment matters. Micha is also the Founder and CEO of Lionhearted Leader and Founder of The Soaring Center, which are consulting and personal development organizations dedicated to providing trauma-informed training and building strong teams and leaders.

Micha’s commitment to fighting for justice, as well as educating people on how to best work with traumatized individuals, all while running multiple synergetic businesses, is extremely inspiring. Tune in to learn all about it!

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Episode Topics

  • Micha’s Unique Strategies: Exploring innovative approaches to law firm marketing and referrals
  • Cross-Business Referrals: Navigating the process of getting referrals between diverse businesses
  • Attorney Referral Management: Insights and tips for handling referrals as your law firm expands
  • Equity & Inclusion: Uniting Themes: Understanding how Micha’s businesses are tied together by central themes of equity and inclusion
  • Micha’s Journey From Trial Lawyer to Entrepreneur: Discovering the reasons behind Micha’s transition from trial law to entrepreneurship
  • Advertising Sensitive Subjects: Best practices for ethically advertising sensitive topics like sex trafficking claims on social media
  • Trauma-Informed Training: Why it’s crucial for law firms to implement trauma-informed training

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the power of The Drip Method for effective referral generation and staying top of mind
  • Discover strategies for seamless referral management and compliance with state regulations
  • Understand the importance of trauma-informed training for navigating sensitive cases with empathy
  • Explore how diverse teams contribute to enhanced performance and profitability
  • Implement trauma-informed policies to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in your business
  • Use analytics and metrics for informed decision-making and business growth

Episode Transcript

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