06. Scrappy Marketing Strategies for Small Law Firms w/ Expert Ben Glass


Episode Overview

Are you a small law firm with a limited marketing budget wondering how to compete with larger firms? It’s time to learn some scrappy marketing strategies from the one and only, Ben Glass! Small firms may be the backbone of the legal industry, but not all marketing strategies will work for a small firm. Of course it depends on what your area of practice is, but being a small law firm requires a unique and strategic approach to marketing.

Today, we’re grateful to be speaking with Ben Glass, Founder, CEO, and Trial Lawyer at BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing, as well as author, podcast host, mentor, and coach. Ben is a true expert when it comes to marketing and business growth for small law firms, so you’re in for a treat with this discussion. If you’re ready to take your small law firm to new heights and beat the competition, listen in, take notes, and stay tuned until the end for our “Foul or No Foul” rapid fire round!

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Episode Topics

  • Navigating Pitfalls: The biggest mistake small law firms make in managing and marketing their practices
  • Closing the Loop: Strategies for integrating the feedback loop of attribution into your marketing efforts
  • Insider’s Guides: Ben’s legal marketing expertise and tips for authors venturing into legal book writing
  • Tailored Approach: How to align your marketing strategies with your specific areas of legal practice
  • Expanding Horizons: Exploring the advantages of diversifying into multiple law practice areas
  • Preserving Relationships: Understanding why law firms often lose referral sources and how to prevent it
  • Selective Engagement: When and why small law firms should tactfully decline certain clients and cases

Key Takeaways:

  • Small firms can rely on referrals, SEO, and proximity to clients to stay competitive.
  • Create and enforce a company culture that always asks leads/clients: “How did you find out about our law firm?”
  • Learn when and how to say “no” to cases that might make you money, but that cost you a ton of time and grief. This will eventually frame you as an expert in your area(s) of practice.

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