07. How Franchi Injury Law is THRIVING With Only 3 Attorneys


Episode Overview

While small law firms may not be able to compete with the marketing budget of a large law firm, there are quite a few advantages you have as a small law firm!

If you’re a small law firm with a mighty marketing strategy, you can pull in more cases than you know what to do with. Tune in to learn more about how to differentiate your small firm from the competition and scale your capacity to serve your community.

Today, we’re chatting with William Franchi, Founder and Managing Attorney at Franchi Injury Law, about the advantages and challenges of being a trial lawyer at a small law firm. With only three attorneys practicing at Franchi Injury Law, including himself, William has a unique perspective of diversifying your marketing channels, building unbreakable referral relationships, and knowing when it’s the right time to branch out into new areas of law.

Stay tuned to the end as we put William in the spotlight to answer some fun, yet slightly cringey riddles!

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Episode Topics

  • Personal Journey: Why William chose to become a trial attorney after a life-changing college sports injury
  • Facing Challenges: The difficulties encountered when practicing personal injury law as a small firm
  • Strategic Expansion: Why William decided to diversify into multiple service areas after six years of resistance
  • Standing Out: How to distinguish your small law firm’s brand from competitors through podcasts, books, and more
  • Scaling Up: Strategies for increasing your capacity to serve more clients during periods of high case volume
  • Building Bridges: Effective approaches to establishing referral relationships with other firms and attorneys

Key Takeaways

  • Assess and prioritize marketing channels based on your budget to maximize ROI, ensuring your financial resources are allocated to the most effective platforms.
  • Implement smaller, targeted campaigns when working with limited budgets to test and optimize your strategies without a significant financial commitment.
  • Diversify your marketing channels to ensure consistent lead generation, reducing reliance on a single source and increasing overall stability.
  • Build and enhance your firm’s reputation to boost referrals, leveraging positive client reviews and testimonials to attract new clients and strengthen trust.

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