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MeanPug Among DesignRush’s ’10 Best Corporate Website Designs’

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DesignRush released their list of “10 Best Corporate Website Designs That Display Credibility.” MeanPug’s website, we’re pleased to announce, was featured among the other exemplary sites. 

by caroline 11 February 2022

DesignRush, an online agency directory and marketplace, released their list of “10 Best Corporate Website Designs That Display Credibility.” MeanPug’s website, we’re pleased to announce, was featured among the other exemplary sites. 

When creating their list, DesignRush looked for key elements of an effective website, including most importantly “user-friendly functionality and appealing design.” They noted that every website should strike a balance between being visually pleasing and actually helping to convert visitors into potential customers. Each of the websites they featured does just that.

MeanPug’s Bold Design Beckons to Firms Who Aren’t Afraid to Take Risks

DesignRush called out three features that particularly stood out in our website design: an animated homepage, a bright color palette, and fun design elements.

When we do brand work with clients, we encourage them to embrace what makes them unique in order to stand apart from the dozens of other law firms in their area. Since we believe in practicing what we preach, our brand reflects our quirky, fun, and driven characteristics: Not what you usually see from a legal company. 

While other legal marketing agencies may play it safe to appeal to an industry that they believe is more formal and less likely to experiment, we do the opposite. We know that the most successful law firms are those who are comfortable testing new ideas, pushing boundaries, and straying occasionally from what law firms “have always done.” And it’s those firms that we want to work with. We may not resonate with buttoned-up lawyers who like to play it safe and that is OK—we will, however, connect with firms who want to shake up the industry for the better. 

Noted DesignRush about our web design: “The website’s overall fun design coupled with candid messaging showcases MeanPug as a digital marketing agency for professionals who have no time to waste and are not afraid to stray from the charted path.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

You Don’t Need Tetris to Keep Your Visitors Engaged–But It Doesn’t Hurt

In addition to being bold and eye-catching, DesignRush also recognized our website design for keeping visitors engaged. 

We’ve done that through a few different ways from animations (bouncing pugs and curlicues galore) to funny CTAs and staff photos that will likely haunt our team for years to come. But the element that we’re most proud of is our Tetris game. Why Tetris, you ask? Eh, why not? 

As fun and random as it may seem, we believed Tetris was the perfect metaphor for what we do as a full-service marketing agency. We bring seemingly disparate elements of a law firm’s business together under a unified strategy and team, allowing for greater transparency, efficiency, and frankly a better end result. Think of web design, business operations, traditional advertising, and more as separate blocks. MeanPug knows how to fit those blocks together to ultimately serve one purpose: driving growth. 

While it likely does not make sense for most law firms to have Tetris on their websites, the lesson here is to keep visitors on your site long enough to learn about what you do and fill out a form for a free consultation right then or at least think of your firm first when they are ready to hire a lawyer in the future. Interest piqued? Want to learn a few more growth hacks for your law firms’ website? Read our comprehensive guide on law firm web design for more goodies.

Is Your Website Forgettable? We Can Help Bring It Back to Life

If your law firm is in need of a visual refresh, we would love to chat with you. Take a look at our portfolio to see how we have helped transform other firms’ websites. We believe that legal doesn’t have to be synonymous with boring and safe. If you agree, we would love to chat

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