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Camp Lejeune Legal Marketing Tips: How to Get More Cases

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Learn how your law firm can set themselves apart from the competition to get Camp Lejeune cases. Read on to learn marketing tips and tactics you can employ today.

by caroline 19 October 2022

The recently passed Camp Lejeune Justice Act allows current and former Marines, their families, and civilians who became ill after exposure to contaminated water to file a claim for possible compensation. Between 1953 and 1987, the water supply on the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base was contaminated with perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene. These chemicals may have caused multiple types of cancer, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, and similar health complications among the many residents, workers, and service members who used the water to cook, bathe, and drink.

If your law firm is interested in Camp Lejeune cases, read our marketing tips below for how to set your firm up for success.

In the last few months, numerous law firms have quickly rolled out Camp Lejeune commercials and ad campaigns leaving the lawyers who haven’t to wonder how they can best set themselves apart from the competition. Having helped numerous law firms get cases for Camp Lejeune and similar mass torts, here are a few tips from MeanPug’s legal marketing experts:

  • To refer or not to refer?: Before you start anything, decide what you’ll do with any Camp Lejeune leads you will receive. Is your firm the best to handle these claims? Or does it make sense to refer them to another law firm that can better represent the claimants? 
  • Tone is everything: A sensitive and compassionate tone is crucial whenever you are talking to someone who has been seriously injured or diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. It’s even more important when you are addressing injured veterans and their families who became sick while serving their country.
  • Get your terminology right: If you want to show sick Marines and their families that you genuinely want to help them, make sure you are using the right terms in your copy and you are talking about the correct branch of the military. If you mess these basics up, it might signal to them that you’re just another lawyer looking to make money.

How Can I Get More Camp Lejeune Cases?

We recommend a multi-pronged marketing campaign for Camp Lejeune. Here are a few marketing tactics your law firm can employ: 

  • PPC campaigns: Rather than running digital advertisements that cast a wide net in hopes that someone who qualifies will reach out to you, get really specific. Target people who live around military bases, including Camp Lejeune. You can also narrow your audience on Facebook to people who have previously expressed interest in military and veteran pages, issues, and causes. Once someone clicks on an ad, make sure you retarget them to increase the likelihood that they will eventually convert.
  • Content Marketing: Your website should have a dedicated practice area page on Camp Lejeune to show other law firms and potential clients that you are accepting these cases. Make sure this page includes specific information on who qualifies and the benefits of reaching out to a lawyer. Many of your potential clients may have never worked with a lawyer before and will have questions about whether or not it’s worth it to enlist legal help.
  • SEO: Any content you do publish should be SEO-optimized. Include all of the important keywords like “Camp Lejeune Justice Act” and “Camp Lejeune lawyer” to ensure people can easily find your website when searching for information. This page should be long and helpful: If it’s just a lot of marketing fluff it won’t have a decent shot at ranking.  
  • Traditional Ads: Since a significant portion of your audience will be older, traditional advertising, including TV commercials, radio commercials, and even infomercials, will likely be more effective than it would be for a mass tort that affects a primarily younger audience. Make sure any spots you run prominently feature a phone number and clear calls to action so you don’t waste any second that you have someone’s attention.
  • Guest blogging: There are a number of military-related publications that veterans and active duty service members read. Consider reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in content about the Camp Lejeune Justice Act and what it means for those affected. Make sure it is as educational as possible and answers any legal questions someone might have. These publications will likely be wary of lawyers contributing content, so creating quality content is key.
  • Referral newsletter: Let your referral network know you are interested in Camp Lejeune cases. If you don’t already send a regular email newsletter, it’s a good time to start. These newsletters can keep your firm top of mind among other lawyers when they are considering who to send referrals to.

Need Help With Your Camp Lejeune Marketing? 

It seems like every personal injury law firm is jumping on Camp Lejeune cases, making it critical that legal marketers are on their A-game. With a time-sensitive case like this, it isn’t the right time to test out strategies for the first time and hope something sticks. You need someone in your corner who has done this before and can ensure your efforts are successful.

At MeanPug, we’ve helped the largest law firms in the country generate $6 billion in case recoveries. We’ve worked on some of the most well-known mass torts from the last decade and understand how to run a well-oiled marketing machine to get a high volume of cases quickly. Shoot us a message to learn how we can help you with Camp Lejeune and any other aspect of your law firm’s marketing. 

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