05. Trying New Marketing Ideas and Blowing S*!t Up with Dan Brian


Episode Overview

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a marketing director at a personal injury law firm is like? Are you a marketing director looking for budgeting advice or productivity hacks? Or perhaps you’re a lawyer wondering how to make your marketing director’s job easier… Well, you’re about to learn it all!

As you know, digital marketing directors who work in law firms have very important responsibilities. They coordinate and collaborate with a wide range of people and agencies and have to constantly stay organized, efficient, and ahead of market trends. They also have to create content that’s not going to get them into trouble with the bar…

Today, we’re joined by the great Dan Brian, Director of Digital Marketing at Riddle & Brantley, a personal injury law firm. Dan’s 20 years of marketing experience makes him the perfect guest to talk about what a day in the life looks like as a Digital Marketing Director at a law firm.

Stay tuned to the end for our “Sleazy or Not Sleazy” rapid fire round. You won’t want to miss Dan’s answers!

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Episode Topics

  • Driving Success: Unveiling the role of a digital marketing director at a personal injury law firm
  • Leading the Charge: Insights into the responsibilities of an in-house marketing director in the legal field
  • Tools of the Trade: Essential project management and AI tools crucial for Dan’s daily operations
  • Making the Right Choice: Deciding between hiring a marketing contractor, agency, or full-time in-house marketer
  • Facilitating Collaboration: Tips for attorneys to collaborate effectively with their marketing director
  • Smart Budgeting: Strategies to optimize your marketing budget for maximum returns and stability
  • Empowering Connections: The journey behind Marketing for Justice, Dan’s transformative membership group
  • Learn from Experience: Key advice for legal marketers based on Dan’s insights and experiences

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the power of AI to boost productivity and simplify content creation processes, enhancing efficiency and output in marketing endeavors.
  • Uncover the importance of striking a balance between data-driven decision-making and creative innovation in marketing strategies, maximizing effectiveness and adaptability.
  • Learn the value of allocating resources for experimental campaigns, even with uncertain ROI, to gain valuable insights and drive future success in marketing initiatives.
  • Understand the necessity of staying updated on legal requirements and industry regulations, especially in the law sector, to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues.

Episode Transcript

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