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specialties: being a good girl chasing own tail personnel management

Meet Tikki, CPO of MeanPug

As Chief Pug Officer of MeanPug, Tikki bears enormous responsibility for the execution of our mission and direction of the company. She has a firm belief in future trends in the doggie treats sector and leverages her extensive experience as a Good Girl™ to nurture and grow client relationships at MeanPug. As the pup of Bobby, Tikki inspired the creation of MeanPug in 2017 and has continued to play a pivotal role in the success of our company.

A Pug With A Vision

While her eyes might be slightly lopsided, her corporate vision is 20/20. Tikki has expressed a laser-focused desire to help businesses, from startups to well established corporations, build and grow their digital brands through web and native development, CRM implementation, SEO, and digital advertising services. In addition to her client focused vision, Tikki has pushed initiatives for increasing Daily Walk Time (DWT), Treats Per Potty (TPP), and the all-important Table Scraps Volume (TSV).

Management Philosophy

Tikki believes in a paws-off, positive treat model management philosophy. Like everyone here at MeanPug, Tikki places results and the satisfaction of our clients first. Sound good to you? Throw a dog a bone and get in touch, we’d love to see how we can help your business.

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